Thursday, March 12, 2009


"It is music which feeds my creativity while I am lost in the world of colours in my studio for endless hours each day..."

- Madny Al Bakry

As a kid, I used to love visiting my Omani friend Layth's house ... Much of his family had grown up in East Africa (Tanzania / Kenya / Zanzibar) & this had a very strong influence on their traditions at home. They spoke Swahili, cooked East African food, & adorned the walls with vibrant Afro-Arab paintings by his maternal uncle Madny. The colors used to literally jump off the page & the best word I could use to describe them was "fresh" - both in the literal & hip-hop sense of the word ... He depicted everything from fisherman & sunsets, to spectacular calligraphy the likes of which I had never seen ...

I recently had the pleasure of reuniting with Layth after several years apart & he was quick to inform me that his uncle had put up a website to display his unique work. While it doesn't showcase any of his land/seascape paintings - it does display a number of his calligraphy pieces ... I was pleased to see that he decided to call them "Calligraffiti" as this only reaffirmed their freshness to me ...

So without further ado ladies & gentlemen, I present to you the fantastic work of Mr. Madny Al Bakry >>

3iiish (a fresh) Peace!

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