Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"FEN Magazine"

Fen. It’s the Arabic word for art.

The first and only of its kind, FEN Magazine is an online publication devoted to covering, elevating, and promoting collaboration between Arab-American artists around the world. It’s the premiere destination for anyone seeking to discover, follow, or support Arab-American art.

Thanks to the homey Seif (co-founder / creative director) I had the honor of being featured twice in this month's issue - in the "FEN Five" top music picks for an exclusive track called "Hustle On" off my upcoming album, and in the "What's Popular" section on the main page for my rendition/translation of Nizar Qabbani's "Qariat il-Finjan" (aka The Fortuneteller).

I met Seif a couple years ago while performing @ Case Western University in Ohio - he was DJing a set for Ragtop & I ... Check him out in the pic below!

Proud to see him & Marwa take the initiative to not only put a magazine/website like this together - but to do it so well.
3iiish FEN!!!


  1. Hi Omar,

    Just saw that you are performing next week at my alma mater MIT. Have fun and say hi to Nasser. You are an inspiration to Arab-Americans. Check out: www.karamfoundation.org, the work we do to spread generosity around the world.

    And if you are looking to be entertained: www.tooarab.com

    Good luck, Lina

  2. So i was @ the UCLA set last night and i just have to reach out and tell you that the Langston piece you twisted up into Arabi touched me in a proufound way. I rummaged through ur blog. Love ur direction.