Monday, February 7, 2011


For Our Egyptian Family...


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#Jan25 (Produced by Sami Matar) 

Inspired by the resilience of Egyptian people during their recent uprising, I teamed up with several notable musicians from North America to release a song of solidarity and empowerment. The track is fittingly titled “#Jan25″ as a reference to both the date the protests officially began in Egypt, and its prominence as a trending topic on Twitter. Produced by good friend Sami Matar, a Palestinian-American composer from Southern California, and featuring the likes of Freeway, HBO Def Poet Amir Sulaiman, Canadian R&B vocalist Ayah, my brother The Narcicyst & myself – this track serves as a testament to the revolution’s effect on the hearts and minds of today’s youth, and the spirit of resistance it has come to symbolize for oppressed people worldwide.
Artist Information:

Omar Offendum (MC #1) -
The Narcicyst (MC #2) -
Amir Sulaiman (MC #4) -
Ayah (R&B Vocalist) -
Sami Matar (Producer) -
Artwork by Ridwan Adhami -
Produced by Sami Matar. Shouts to Blamethelabel, Mb.

I had the good fortune of being interviewed about the track on Aljazeera English while I was performing in Doha this month as well:

Here is a slightly more elaborate interview/report done later that day by Tarek Abu-Esber of the Doha Film Institute:

The song has also been featured on:

Aljazeera Blog --

NPR --


Complex --

MTV | Iggy --

MissInfo --

NahRight --

Ta7ya Masr ... 3iiish Egypt!!!


  1. Great job!! I love how both the words & the pictures in the video captured the essence of this revolution. I wonder if you can post the lyrics as well sometime soon. Anyhow, you guys are all awesome; on behalf of Egyptains I say: Alf Shokr! Ta7ya El-7orreyya!

  2. It's now on Red Ant Liberation Army News blog:

  3. the song's played during "democracy now", about
    45:21 into the thursday, 2012.01.25, episode: