Saturday, October 26, 2013

OO vs PP

OFFENDUM X POETS of PROTEST (Oo vs PP) is an experimental juxtaposition of some of the Arab World's most notable poetic voices layered & scratched by Filipino-American DJ Boo over a mix of sample-based Hip-Hop instrumentals from Omar Offendum's beat catalogue. 

The four poets sampled were Mazen Maarouf (Palestine), Manal Al Sheikh (Iraq), Ahmed Fouad Negm (Egypt) & Hala Mohammad (Syria) - as seen/heard on the Aljazeera Artscape series 'Poets of Protest' released a little over one year ago (Sep 2012). After listening to this short mix (16:15), we encourage you to watch the full documentary series which includes two more poets (Yehia Jaber of Lebanon & Al Khadra of Algeria / Sahara), as well as translations of all their verses & links to more of their inspiring work >>

It is our hope that this project can serve as a bridge between lovers of poetry & hip-hop - between America & the Arab World - between generations, languages, cultures & continents . . . Please share this mix with your friends, family, parents & professors!

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