Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"(Are You Gonna) Miss Bush?"

"Israel is probably the only place on earth where Bush can still get a standing ovation..."

- Peter Berkowitz (Hoover Institution)

I spent my formative years, 18 - 26, living under President George W. Bush ... His aggressive & unethical foreign policy, neglect of one of our nation's most historic cities, and mastery of public speaking was an endless source of inspiration for a young 3arab-American MC ...

But will I miss him?

No ... ( & feel free to insert your own "Heeeeelllllllll" before that )

Will I still have stuff to rap about when he is gone?

Yes ... ( to quote Jason Solomon - "Same Sh*t - Different Saddam" )

Would I throw my shoes at him if we ever crossed paths?

No ... ( do u have any idea how much Wally's cost now people? )

3ish Peace George ...

Enjoy your last week at the office ...


  1. yo... what's with that picture of bush in 'africa' in the BBC article you link to? they're kidding right? that's the only picture they could find of his state visits to several countries on the continent? what's going on at the BBC?

  2. eight years from now, Omar blogs about Obama.....and says the same damn thing