Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself..."

Meen (Who)?

Syrians call me:

3umar Ibn 3abd al-Latif Ibn Muhammad Al-Shaqaqee

Americans call me:

Omar A. Chakaki

My mother calls me:


My father called me:


My family calls me:

3umar Curly

My people call me:


But you can just call me:


Shoo (What)?

As far as this blog is concerned, O.F.F.E.N.D.U.M. stands for “Omar’s Favorite Foods, Events, News, Destinations, & Underground Music” … A digital space where I – a Syrian-American Muslim MC / Architect / Graphic Designer / Beatmaker / Amateur Photographer / Peace Activist / World Traveler / Food Enthusiast / Friend / Son / Grandson / Brother / Uncle / Cousin / & Cultural Critic – can come to display my latest findings, reflect on previous experiences, or inform you of things to come ...

Wein (Where)?

SyrianamericanA … a nation-state-of-mind.

Where everything is connected & everyone is welcome!

Eimta (When)?

This blog was started on my 27th birthday … A nice age to sit back & reflect on what one has accomplished (or would like to achieve). The frequency of my blog posts will depend on a number of variables – workload, internet access, inspiration, motivation, etc. – but I have never been one to rush things …

Leish (Why)?

I hope to tell a story that connects the diverse people & distant places that have influenced me … that have shaped this mental state I call “home”.

Keef (How)?

These blogs will come in the form of my own personal writings, poems, songs, images, videos, & ramblings – as well as linked articles, songs, videos, & sites I may come across.

While I intend for every post to contain a worthy message, I look forward to looking back on them at a later date and drawing from the collective experience … after all my people – it’s the process not the product … 3iiish Peace!

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