Sunday, May 17, 2009

"What's Happening"

"We have a real Baqlawa treat for you today - to be culturally specific ..."

- May Alhassen (Doctoral Student @ USC)

No Shirley ... No Roger ... Just a bunch of 3arabs on this "Rerun" of What's Happening ...

Hosted by a Levantine version of Live with Regis & Kelly meets The View - Will Youmens, May Alhassen & co... Featuring yours truly performing my rendition of Nizar Qabbani's Al-Qaseeda Al-Dimashqiya - a track off my solo debut SyrianamericanA ... Followed by a collaborative performance with DC-based punk rock drummer Omar Bagnied ... The Egyptian Travis Barker ... Travis Abu-Bakr if you will ...

3iiish ... Sweets?


  1. frozen music! I love it. liquid, mortar, plasma, I'll take it.

    sounds fantastic; looking forward to the album as always!

  2. really cool man.
    Its really cool lstng to u Akhi!