Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"The Narcicyst"

"Some rappers have the gift of heightened intellect and understanding; others enjoy savant-like linguistic skills. Narcy may be blessed with the deadliest combination of the two that hip-hop has ever seen."

- Chris Faraone

My dear friend & partner-in-rhyme The Narcicyst - Iraqi-Canadian MC extraordinaire - just released his self-titled solo debut & is turning many heads ... The Boston Phoenix recently gave it 4/4 stars (He was robbed - it deserved 5!) ... This is hands-down the illest album of the year - and I'm not just saying that because Omar Offendum is the only other MC featured on it ... The beats bang, the lyrics inspire, & the overall mix is unlike any Hip-Hop record I have ever heard ...

For those of you who have yet to purchase your own copy - quit half-steppin & click here >> http://www.iraqisthebomb.com/

3iiish Narce

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