Monday, September 19, 2011

"Domino Effect (The Time Is Now)"

I had the good fortune of premiering a new track from my next record on MSNBC recently. This clip was part of a larger video narrative on how Hip-Hop music has been influenced by & in turn is influencing the youth movements / revolutions taking place all across the Middle East & North Africa. My interview was originally recorded on the first day of Ramadan (August 1st) - but wasn't published until last week along with the following blog post:

Many thanks to Karl Bostic over at NBC for putting it all together & visiting cities like Benghazi, Cairo, Tunis & Jerusalem to get a first-hand look at what is taking place in the region. He initially contacted me when he first began to develop the story (late March) & said that he would take time to research the topic & establish genuine relationships with the artists before completing it. I have seen one too many 'parachute journalists' not take this approach & so I appreciate the way he did it that much more.

3iiish Peace!!!


  1. I LOVE THIS! thank you for leading the love revolution and the hope revolution! thank you for putting to words the thoughts and dreams of entire nations! You are important! You are making a big impact throughout the Middle East. I am excited for the bright future of the Middle East!

  2. I LOVE this onnnneeeeee!!!! Oh my, gave me goosebumps. The time is definitely now.

    "Let them believe they ever can leave, That everyone needed them. Please! That's about as naive of thinking that Palestine will not be free. That aint up to you."
    "The air is clear, we're finally breathing. And I cant tell you what it means to me when hearing millions of my people chant for peace and freedom. So rebellion, overwhelming. Wish my father lived to see them."

    Deep stuff. Love it. Can't tell you how excited I get when I hear something new from you. Don't ever stop rapping.

    btw, your T-shirt is awesome. PeaceByPiece <3