Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"H-Town | 10.6.2011"

I flew to Houston last month to attend my cousin's wedding & decided to set up a last-minute show ... It turned out to be a very memorable evening thanks to the Houston chapter of the Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP) - who graciously set up a concert for me at the Avantgarden.

Performing 'SUPERHERO':

Performing 'FINJAN':

While in Houston I also got to meet one of my dear friend's uncles, Mr. Farouk Shami - aka the 'richest hairdresser in the world' ... As I toured his headquarters, factories & warehouses I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride & admiration for what this Palestinian immigrant was able to accomplish through his hard work & vision (masha'Allah) ... He has a personal relationship with everyone on the factory floor & still renews his Barbering / Cosmetology license annually!

3iiish CHI!!!


  1. mashAllah! Very inspirational :)

  2. It was great to see you this month too..rapping with the Narcissist and Amir Souleiman..why do not you update your blog about this event in DC..was not the audience inspiring? it was inspiring for me to see two Arab American on the stage with an African American Muslim..the three of you rock the stage mashaaAllah. you rap with passion Omar...good wishes for everything

  3. Oh I wish I knew you were coming to Houston. I love your material and I would love to see you perform. Bas inshAllah the next time you're in Houston,Ill be there.

  4. Omar! I have been wanting to meet him for years. My mom told me years ago what an amazing business man he is.